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Intermediate Care Facility (ICF)

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Cambria Residential Services offers an Intermediate Care Facility, designed to provide medical care and related services to those individuals diagnosed with a physical, intellectual, or developmental disability that does not require hospitalization or continuous medical attention.

The ICF provides a residential setting for individuals, with a home in the community, and is the only facility providing nursing care to staff. This facility was designed to meet the medical, behavioral, supervision, and habilitation needs of the individuals we serve. The core values of the ICF are to provide a person-centered approach to each individual. ICF staff provides continuous active treatment to individuals residing at the facility. ICF/ID services help individuals improve their skills in the following areas: self-care, activities of daily living, financial skills, medication administration, leisure, social, health, nutrition, and communication.

ICF/ID services are provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with overnight, awake staff. Individuals residing at the ICF/ID attend a day program to develop new skills and provide socialization with their peers. Individuals also participate in activities in the community. The overall goal for individuals residing at the Intermediate Care Facility is to achieve their highest level of independence in the least restrictive environment.