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About Us

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Cambria Residential Services was formed as a corporation in September of 1981. The program originally operated as a component of Catholic Charities of Johnstown, providing services to persons with intellectual disabilities. The corporation offers a variety of specialized services tailored to meet the needs of each person. The programs have been established to enable individuals to not just live in the community, but to become an integral part of his or her community.

Cambria Residential Services looks the future with a vision of community living that is safe, practical, and rewarding. Cambria Residential Services makes every effort to subscribe to the philosophy of community inclusion by public education and by actively engaging in the Individual Support Plan developed for each individual. Individual Support Plans recognize the wants and needs of each individual and are developed with input from individuals, their families, day programs, other interested persons, and residential providers. Each plan is a reflection of the hopes and dreams of each individual we serve. Steps to achieve each goal are identified, and each step no matter how small, is a measure of the success of the individual.


Cambria Residential Services works with persons with disabilities, their families, and other organizations to achieve outcomes that will allow the person to fully realize a life that is purposeful and rewarding.

Cambria Residential Services supports best practices that reflect the Mission Statement of the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs: To Support Pennsylvanians with developmental disabilities to achieve greater independence, choice, and opportunity in their lives.


Cambria Residential Services shares the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs Vision Statement: To continuously improve an effective system of supports that are flexible, innovated, and person-centered.